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Choice Hotels wants you to be the best you can be.

Earn Choice Privileges® Points through a complete golf training curriculum developed for golfers of all ages and abilities. Train from anywhere on any device.

Earn 1,000 Choice Privileges Points® when you purchase the Tathata Golf training program.

Take your game to the next level and earn rewards in the process. When you download the Tathata Golf app and purchase their annual golf training subscription, you’ll receive 1,000 Choice Privileges® points.

The Tathata Golf subscription is a complete golf training curriculum for golfers of all ages and abilities, with more than 200 hours of coaching from some of the best golf professionals in the country. Each 35-45 minute lesson is accessible from any device, anywhere.

Tathata Golf’s annual subscription provides:

  • A 60-day training program that works on your mind, body and golf swing
  • Tathata TV, which features weekly shows with some of the top names in golf
  • An extensive library of lessons
  • The flexibility to train anywhere
  • Instant access to new content
  • Additional training options, including live online training
  • Access to local Certified Movement Specialists

Download the app below to get started with the program and take advantage of our 1,000 Choice Privileges® points offer.

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